Early Years

At Herries the Early Years Foundation Stage provides solid foundations for children from two-years to the age of five. Children entering the Foundation Stage are offered the best possible start to their education in a happy, calm and loving atmosphere.

We know that children develop quickly in the early years and the experiences we give our children at Herries have a major impact on their future life chances.

We encourage children to learn in a natural and pleasurable way so that each child develops their own unique potential whilst feeling relaxed in their safe and secure environment.

We recognise that a happy childhood is important in its own right and at Herries we develop strong partnerships with parents.

Good parenting and a high quality early years education together provide the foundation children need to make the most of their talents and abilities as they go through the school and their later lives.

Parents are welcomed into school throughout the year for example to demonstrate a skill, talk about their profession or to be the next secret mystery reader! Parents are kept informed through Curriculum Information Meetings, parent/teacher evenings and end of term school reports.

The EYFS at Herries is delivered by an experienced and dedicated team who work closely together throughout Nursery and Reception to dovetail provision for each child.

We recognise that children develop at different rates and in their own ways, through playing and exploring, active learning and creative and critical thinking.

The children are given the freedom for self-expression through practical and meaningful learning experiences.

Their attitudes and dispositions to learning are influenced by praise and encouragement, self- reflection and evaluation, celebration circles, reward stickers, house points and Golden Assembly Certificates.

Children at Herries feel valued and as such become confident, independent learners who can be resilient, capable, self-motivated and self-assured.



Our nifty boys and girls have been making snowflakes for Jack Frost’s enchanted forest. It has taken some skilful folding and cutting as well as some frosty determination to get there! They are thrilled with what they have achieved!