Sports at Herries:

We believe that a healthy body encourages a healthy mind and so sport and exercise form a crucial part of the children’s day to day life at Herries. We encourage all children to regularly compete in teams promoting development of all abilities, not just the most able.


Sports Fixtures:

Years 3 and 4 play games and fixtures together and it is the same for Years 5 and 6. We split the teams up by ability, but all children have the opportunity to take part. The children learn to work as part of a team and how to play competitively and learn to encourage each other. They build their resilience levels up and learn good sportsmanship skills. We encourage boys and girls to play all sports. Sometimes fixtures might be mixed other times girls and boys will play separately. We want children to leave Herries at the end of Y6 with a passion for at least one sport.


ISA Competition:

Herries is part of ISA (Independent School Association) and we have regular fixtures against other schools either at Bisham Abbey, Cookham Dean Cricket Club or the home ground of another school. We also take part in ISA Swimming Gala’s.

We have had children go through to the ISA national finals and Herries has won various ISA tournaments. We also have a number of children who play sport at a county level at Herries.



We take all the children to swim from Reception up to Year 6, we take them to the Wycombe Leisure Centre which is state of the art 50metre pool which can change level. We take the younger children to Court Garden Marlow Swimming pool. The children are all coached in groups depending on their ability. We have termly inter house swimming galas and ISA swimming galas.


Games Programme

There is an extensive Games programme at Herries scheduled within school hours and after school. We have a partnership with the National Sports Centre at Bisham Abbey and use their facilities twice a week for Football, Touch Rugby and Hockey. Netball and Gymnastics take place within the Herries grounds. The older children from Year 3 upwards run down to Cookham Dean Cricket Club twice a week through the fields in Cookham Dean during the Summer term. We also use this wonderful local facility for our annual sports day from nursery to Year 6.


Autumn Term and Spring Term

Swimming, Hockey, Touch Rugby, Netball, Football

(Bisham Abbey - National Sports Centre, twice a week, Wycombe and Marlow Leisure Centres)


Summer Term

Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket

(Cookham Dean Cricket Club and Herries)


Physical Education:

The children across the school from Nursery up to Year 6 have their PE lessons with Mr Denton our Head of Sports and Mr Williamson our Deputy Sports Coach twice a week. The children are taught core skills in their PE lessons and learn how to move and coordinate their bodies.