Music is a very important part of the curriculum at Herries; each class, including Nursery, has a weekly music lesson with a music specialist. The music room is equipped with a wide range of instruments and equipment including keyboards and percussion instruments. The curriculum is designed for continuity and progression.

We believe that every child should be encouraged to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of music through performing, composing and listening. It should be a creative and enjoyable activity and we provide opportunities for all children to compose, perform and appraise music, to develop the skills to appreciate a wide variety of music. Practical activities, with an enquiry based approach, allow pupils to make decisions for themselves and direct their learning and the outcomes of their composition and performance work.

Music can play a very important role in the development of the child, including influencing the improvement of listening, communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills. We believe that music can enable a child to think creatively and help them to express themselves and learn to relate to others socially, culturally and historically.

Singing is a key activity and all prep pupils join the choir, which participates in local festivals such as the Cookham Festival. Children have the opportunity to learn the ukulele as part of lessons as well as access to a wide variety of instruments to compose and perform with. For the older students these composition skills can then be used as part of project looking at music and technology. There are many opportunities for performing including our Harvest Festival and Christmas celebrations, regular concerts, as well as productions where they can develop their musical theatre skills.

Individual music lessons are available on several instruments including piano, guitar, drums, violin and voice. These are taught by visiting teachers in our music room and can be arranged on an individual or sometimes shared basis. Pupils can also participate in external examinations, the results of which are celebrated in assembly.

At Herries the children’s talents are shared in a friendly and supportive learning environment, building confidence and contributing to the well being of the pupils.