The Herries Nursery

The Herries Nursery is fun, warm and vibrant. Our dedicated, experienced and talented staff create an environment where our children’s first steps of school life are exciting and stimulating. All elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum are seamlessly integrated into both planned and free play activities. The Nursery operates a structured programme where specific skills are taught by specialist and familiar staff with time allowed during free play for the children to develop and consolidate these skills.

The Nursery occupies a large suite of rooms with plenty of space to play, dress up, be creative and explore. There is also a garden and covered area where the curriculum can be extended outdoors.  We take advantage of the National Trust land that surrounds the school with delightful nature walks and trips to our local woods for our flourishing Woodland School.

Importantly the Nursery forms an integral part of the school as a whole. Children from the nursery wear our distinctive uniform, attend assemblies, help celebrate significant events and participate in parties and sports events. Our Year 6 pupils will often help in the nursery, reading stories and playing with the children. This whole process eases the transition into full-time education.

Lunch is a family affair with children sat with the nursery staff at a table in the school hall as if at a big family meal time. They eat the delicious, fresh, nutritious food that our cook prepares, with numerous requests for seconds!

Our staff believe it is a privilege to be part of this critical time in a child’s education. Our aim is to provide the most positive and motivating first experiences of school life, creating the solid foundations for future learning to build on. Creating a warm, family, inspiring environment our children our destined to flourish.